Pandemic Playlist

sick beats

Is it love, or is it COVID?

1. Peggy Lee “Fever”

“when you put your arms around me I get a fever it’s so hard to bear”

2. Berlin “Take my breath away”

“Turning and returning to some secret place inside… Take my breath away”

3. Donna Summer “Hot stuff”

“hot hot hot hot hot hot”

How to live in Quarantine

4. Joy Division “Isolation”

“hurts just like anything else – Isolation, isolation, isolation”

5. Martha and the Vardellas “Nowhere to Run”

Love and Quarantine

6. Mina “Il cielo in una stanza”

“Quando sei qui con me, questa stanza non ha più pareti, ma alberi, alberi infiniti” (When you are with me, this room no longer have walls but infinite trees”

Pandemic Album

7. Penguin Cafe Orchestra (1984) “Broadcasting from Home”

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